Sell….Don’t Take Orders

This is the perfect example to everything we have been talking about. Hey customer… You can go where the rate is less expensive but is
it really about price or the experience you want for your investment?! Like Althea, would you have convinced this customer why your product is the better choice or succumbed to the lower price of your competitor?

Excellent work Althea.


We’re going to contract on this one for CC

Gene, this is the group we talked about that the Drake was offering $239. I mentioned to the client that if rate is the decision factor then the Conrad appreciates the opportunity but we will not win the business
I sold our Service, Trip Advisory & Conde Nast ratings. Virtual Tour and the Conrad app were huge factors

I also mentioned to the client that as an “expert in the pharma groups”, I understand the needs of this group in terms of their meeting needs. This is an Investigators Meeting so I knew the 11th floor was going to be a hit and hard to resist J

Of all the below hotels, the Conrad won the business

June 5-June 7-100 room nights at $249


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