Lessons from Winning and Losing

Thank you Becky, Josh, Anne and Tiffany for leading our Teleplay. While leading the charge Becky, Josh and Tiffany were at the top of the list in points, while Anne stepped out of role of sales support and showed us that she has what it takes. Tiffany even showed us how to do a perfect first 30. The only downer of the event was the outcome. Did we have a FULL effort, the right strategy, and an understanding of our competition? Did we do enough to support your team leaders? I just hope that we care enough about winning as a TEAM to make sure the results are different when we are challenged again.



One thought on “Lessons from Winning and Losing

  1. Thank you to our Teleplay Leaders for taking us “Back to School” and leading the way. Anne, Becky, Josh and Tiffany did a great job and worked very hard. Huge props to Josh who put major points on the board (over 200!) even though he was out of the office during the week. I would love to hear what he did to PREPARE as that was the key to his success. Josh, can you share some words of wisdom on this for our team for our next Teleplay?

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