Note Taking…A Powerful Excercise That Provides and Speaks to Engagement

Note taking in meetings, conferences, and customer interactions has truly become a lost art. Almost no one does it. Somehow we seem to think that we have the incredible ability to absorb everything we see and hear and that our minds have a natural filing cabinet that we can always refer to with accuracy. Never going to happen. Note taking can be of course supported by the basic pen and pad/journal, or the many digitial applications that are available for our laptops, phones or tablets.

This link will take you to an in-depth overview by Michael Hyatt, giving us all a great reminder as to why note taking as a direct connection to our success in both our professional and personal lives. Like anything else…it takes a commitment. The podcast is 42 minutes long and provides very useful direction on how to be better at this important tool during the many scenarios of our busy day. Would love to know if you saw any benefits from this blog and how you will become a great note taker!

Bonus add: Richard Branson on importance of note taking


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