Emotional Connections are Critical for Effective Leadership

Strong human connections in the workplace are essential to effectively lead within the overall organization and especially for those you are directly accountable for. The more your team feels that you are emotionally invested in them, always knowing you have their best interest in mind…they will be happy to deliver the results. 



Positive Attitudes will Drive Amazing Results

Bill Parcells in his Hall of Fame Speech closed by saying  that there was a little room off one section of the locker room at Giants Stadium with a plaque that read, “Losers assemble in little groups, and complain about the coaches and the players in other little groups. Winners assemble as a team.”

Negativity by a few can ruin it for all. The mantra of “if you can’t beat them join them” needs to be the message. If they are happier being miserable than time to move on. The link below teaches us how to condition ourselves by looking at each day with blue and sunny skies.