Be Bold…and the Sky is the Limit. Be Richard Branson

Richard Branson doesn’t sit around and talk or dream about what he wants to do…he does it. This self-made millionaire takes risks, chances and lets nothing get in his way of finding out what he can accomplish. His attitude is positive and is passion is endless. He truly loves what he does, and I believe the reward for him is the achievement in knowing that he is delivering a product/service that people emotionally enjoy.

So what are you doing to leave your mark? Are you highly involved in driving the success of your team or are you waiting for something or someone to deliver your expectations?

Richard Branson says…”Start making suggestions for how to improve your workplace. Don’t be a shrinking violet, quietly getting your job done adequately. Be bold, and the sky is the limit.”

Are you ready to make your mark? Stop waiting for permission and raise the bar.


2 thoughts on “Be Bold…and the Sky is the Limit. Be Richard Branson

  1. “What I personally know would make up a dot so minuscule it couldn’t be seen. What humanity has collectively learned so far would make up a tiny mark within the circle. Everything we all have to learn in the future would take up the rest of the space. It is a big universe, and we are all learning more about it every day. If you aren’t listening, you are missing out.” -Richard Branson

    This one stood out to me. Without active listening, redundant action takes place.

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